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Rebuild Rails Project Gemset From Scratch

Starting From Scratch

I mess around quite often (too often) with my gemsets. I just like upgrading to the latest versions of Rails and Ruby, but I also don't like keeping stale gems around. Long story short, I keep putting myself in a situation where I need to re-start from... continued

Restore Record

Quick Hitter

The Rails console is where I spend a lot of my time. It allows me to play with my code, and Rails' implementation of the Active Record pattern makes it so easy to access rows in the... continued


Object-oriented JavaScript (OOJS)

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a model for writing software. Instead of a procedural list of actions, OOP is modeled around objects that interact with each other. Classes generate objects and define their structure, like a blueprint. As of... continued


I've been in a dark hole for a while. A combination of the U.S. election cycle, and work have left a cloud of dread that follows me nearly everywhere I go. From what I can tell, my experience has not been unique, either. Strange times.

Quick Hitter

Anyways, today's... continued

Using Devise

Authenticate and Authorize

Any serious web app today needs a way to authenticate and authorize user access. Rails makes this all seriously easy with gems like bcrypt and continued